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Solve the Shortcomings of CT Dose Management

Is your dose management good in theory or good in practice? Learn how Imalogix eliminates the major shortcomings of conventional dose management with the next generation of solutions:

  • Automatically normalizes and maps protocols to common protocol terminology for accurate and meaningful benchmarking and performance comparison
  • Prevents false positives and missed dose alerts with a multi-level dose threshold environment by sorted by patient size for safety
  • Provides scan technique oversight to signal which protocols are being followed and implement specific training where needed

Three Simple Steps to Achieve Radiation Dose Compliance

In one robust, yet simple-to-use solution, meet evolving regulatory compliance standards.

Snag your copy to learn how you can:

  • Display a compliance report in one click
  • Avoid risk and improve safety by avoiding sentinel events
  • Immediately uncover where unwarranted variation is occurring

Your Guide To Achieve Compliance With The New TJC Fluoroscopy Standards

Navigate the new 2019 fluoroscopy standards from The Joint Commission with this practical guide:

  • An overview of the fluoroscopy standards
  • How Imalogix readies your organization to meet compliance standards—and beyond
  • How you can save time and resources to meet evolving regulatory standards

How to Select an Image Quality & Radiation Dose Solution

When searching for image quality and radiation dose management solution, the quality of your vendor selection depends on the quality of your RFP. Draft a strong RFP with this executive guide and learn key questions to ask around:

  • Core and advanced dose monitoring functionality
  • Alert fatigue
  • Planning and implementation support

Leveraging AI and New Partners in Healthcare Transformation

Through artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms from Imalogix, Main Line Health (MLH) has been able to improve imaging quality and safety, as well as workflow efficiency and care affordability. Learn how Imalogix has enabled MLH to:

  • Identify where scanner protocols need modification or staff needs training
  • Pinpoint equipment under/overstaffing to reduce patient wait times
  • Improve care affordability, quality, and safety by reducing unwarranted variation

Beyond Dose Tracking: Aria–Jefferson Health Reduces Dose Exposure and Improves Department Performance

Learn how the simple user interface and insights from Imalogix have enabled Aria to:

  • Immediately uncover what studies or protocols needed adjustment, while maintaining high image quality
  • Drive uniformity of performance across their fleet of scanners to reduce outliers and alerts by 98 percent
  • Access scanner utilization to adjust staffing and departmental operations


Leveraging AI to Elevate Quality, Safety and Customer Experience

How Heritage Valley Health System Achieves This with the Next Generation of Image Quality and Dose Management Solutions

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 1:00 PM EST

Register for this webinar to discover innovative strategies and technologies to support your delivery of higher-value care. Geno A. Crisci, MBA, BS, RT(R) from Heritage Valley Health System will discuss:

  • Key strategies and considerations when evaluating technology partners to support higher-value care.
  • The value of AI-driven IT implementations.
  • How to leverage innovative technology to improve the consistency, safety and accuracy of diagnostic exams.


Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Improve Workflow and Utilization

A Framework to Improve Quality, Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction

This webinar, presented by Timothy P. Szczykutowicz, Ph.D. of University of Wisconsin-Madison, covers:

  • Requirements on stroke timeliness for stroke center designation
  • How advanced analytics can be used to monitor technologist timeliness and effectiveness
  • How to transform a manual quality-monitoring process into an enterprise-wide automated approach


Achieving Value in Individualized Care

Optimizing Imaging Performance through Advanced Metrology and Analytics

This webinar, presented by Ehsan Samei, PhD, of Duke University, covers:

  • The core value proposition of medical imaging
  • How predictive analytics can be used to maximize imaging performance
  • Underlying technologies to measure and assure value-based imaging

How to Achieve Fluoroscopy Compliance Readiness and Beyond

Leveraging Technology to Optimize Clinical Practice

This webinar, presented by Thomas M. Griglock, PhD, of Oregon Health & Science University, covers:

  • The Joint Commission standards related to fluoroscopy services and how technology can support achieving and maintaining compliance
  • Common pitfalls to avoid and key questions to ask when evaluating technology partners
  • Strategies and tools to help your organization go beyond radiation dose tracking to achieve clinical practice optimization to better protect the safety of patients

An Innovative Way to Manage Dose Compliance Across Your Enterprise

This webinar, presented by James Hurley of Carondelet—St. Joseph’s Hospital, covers:

  • Key criteria and questions to ask when looking to achieve dose compliance across an enterprise
  • How to achieve dose compliance without hiring a full-time medical physicist or patient safety officer
  • How to move beyond radiation dose compliance to focus on imaging technique to further improve patient safety and quality across your enterprise

Achieving Imaging Excellence with Your Enterprise

This webinar, presented by Don Owens of TriHealth, covers:

  • Considerations when shopping for a dose tracking software solution
  • How to reduce dose in your department
  • Achieving Joint Commission compliance

A Dynamic Approach to Managing and Tracking Radiation Dose

Complete Imaging Analytics in Three Months

This webinar, presented by William K. Breeden III of Ascension Health—St. Vincent Health, covers:

  • Discuss considerations when defining reasonable goals and objectives for your radiation dose program
  • Define key supporters and experts needed to achieve a successful radiation dose program
  • Evaluate outcomes: What do I get after doing all of this? More than just compliance?

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