Focus on Care Optimization


Centering – if technologist GES performed at peer level your percentile would have been 12 points higher.

Intelligent Dashboards uncover where care delivery breakdowns are occurring to systematically reduce unwarranted variability to improve the quality and safety of care.

  • Understand if protocols are being followed and implemented properly across all patients and exam types.
  • Discover who needs additional training and on what specific technique to drive a consistent quality of care across your staff and various shifts.
  • Evolve the standard of care with deep learning tools that highlight where and how proactive changes can be made to drive continuous improvement.

Radiation Dose Compliance Made Simple


Meet evolving regulatory and state standards across various departments and your hospital enterprise without the manual burden associated with conventional systems—saving you time and resources.

  • Fast and easy implementation without the headache of manually mapping protocols to get up and running and beyond.
  • Intelligent Dashboards identify the root cause of outliers from protocols, locations, equipment or individual technologists with ease.
  • Action-driven workflow optimizes your staff’s time to manage the process of dose alerts and compliance from their desktop or mobile phone.

Maximize Efficiency


Uncover where you may have unmet capacity or inefficiencies to better route referrals and meet scheduling demands across departments and your healthcare enterprise to ensure high patient satisfaction.

  • Insights into procedure length, utilization, and workflow uncover how you can become more efficient.
  • Determine optimal staffing for high demand times to ensure optimal patient flow.
  • Compare and benchmark department productivity performance across the Imalogix network to inform operational decisions.

Optimize Resources with Expert Physicist Support


Save time and money with the industry’s first and only turn-key solution that brings together the Imalogix Platform and a dedicated expert medical physicist to help you implement and maintain ongoing radiation dose compliance.

  • Expertise to set up and participate in a Clinical Dose Optimization Committee.
  • Guidance to establish dose ranges and alert thresholds with ongoing support to monitor and respond to alerts.
  • Insights and recommendations on protocol optimization to improve patient safety.