Our Mission

Relentless Pursuit

Uncover how and where healthcare delivery can be improved.

Unique Approach

Insights into How Healthcare is Being Delivered

Born from a need to help healthcare organizations monitor and track radiation dose, we have built upon our unique approach to big data to look at healthcare delivery in ways no other company can.

Fuel for Proactive and Predictive Decision-Making Delivered


We redefine insights and how they are visualized to enable systematic improvement of workflow, quality and safety.


Powered by our cloud based, human and machine intelligence driven ecosystem, Intelligent Dashboards bring the collective best practices of our network direct to your fingertips with deep learning insights.


Decision-making moves to proactive and predictive to lower risk, drive growth and evolve the standard of care.

The Power of a Human and Machine Intelligence Driven Ecosystem


The Imalogix self-teaching artificial network enables you to access and scale expertise in ways not possible before.

Understand how you are performing against the ever-growing and evolving network of the Imalogix cloud data.

Receive evidence-based and actionable insights without additional analysis.

Accelerate, measure and manage clinical and operational performance with ease to drive consistent high-quality and efficient care.

Answer Key Questions


How can we increase patient safety?


How can we become more consistent?


How do we improve efficiency?

Remove Waste and Inefficiencies by Harnessing the Cloud Ecosystem

The Imalogix cloud brings security, scalability and affordability to you by removing waste and inefficient processes.

Typical installs are an hour or less without an implementation team or third-party vendor. 

Updates are seamless and deployed enterprise-wide without additional cost or workflow interruption.

Scale-up to add new scanners, departments or hospitals with ease.