Rethink Healthcare

Insights into How Healthcare is Being Delivered

Radiation dose compliance made simple. ​​Deliver consistent, safe, and effective care for every patient.


Unique Approach

Harness the power of deep learning and Al to systematically enhance workflow, quality, and safety in radiology. Our platform leverages both human and machine intelligence to identify and reduce variability in care. Through proactive and predictive decision-making, it not only lowers risk but also drives growth and elevates care standards.

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“Companies that just harvest data and force you to create your own insights can’t compete with a solution like Imalogix offers.”

-Timothy Sczcykutowicz, Ph.D, DABR
Department of Radiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cloud based and AI-driven ecosystem


Multi-Modality Input

Imaging data is automatically gathered and normalized through an integrated AI assistant.


Intelligent Protocol Mapping

A proprietary AI-algorithm automatically maps and organizes protocols to RadLex terminology.

Discover Outliers

Machine-intelligence proactively identifies outliers and the root cause.


Continuous Learning

Self-teaching artificial neural network continues to improve knowledge and understanding surrounding radiology practices and delivers these learnings direct to users.


Benchmark and Improve

Performance is benchmarked against the Imalogix network with best practices delivered from the mass learnings of providers.


Proactive and Predictive Decisions

Evidence-based insights fueled by deep learning highlight where and how to improve performance.