Our Mission

Relentless Pursuit

Uncover how and where healthcare delivery can be improved.

Unique Approach

Insights into How Healthcare is Being Delivered

Born from a need to help healthcare organizations monitor and track radiation dose, we have built upon our unique approach to big data to look at healthcare delivery in ways no other company can.

Imalogix solution may be able to help you improve in these areas:

  • Data Normalization & Accuracy
  • Avoiding False Positives and Missed Alerts
  • Understanding Tech Scan Technique
  • Improving Staff Educational Efforts
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Answer Key Questions


How can we create a more patient centered care model?

Focus on your patients with:

  • Automatic peak skin dose calculation for interventional procedures
  • Enhanced protocol adherence
  • Support for your pediatric Image Gently pledge

How can we increase staff satisfaction?

Support your team by:

  • Offering educational programs that help techs optimize scan technique
  • Augmenting limited staff with medical physicist support
  • Improving scheduling & reducing alert fatigue with AI recommendations

How can we improve efficiency?

Optimize system usage:

  • Achieve compliance easily
  • Map protocols automatically
  • Leverage unlimited virtual training, webinars & release notes as well as fast, remote system implemention & update

Fuel for Proactive and Predictive Decision-Making Delivered

We redefine insights and how they are visualized to enable systematic improvement of workflow, quality and safety.

Powered by our cloud based, human and machine intelligence driven ecosystem, Intelligent Dashboards bring the collective best practices of our network direct to your fingertips with deep learning insights.

Decision-making moves to proactive and predictive to lower risk, drive growth and evolve the standard of care.